HAVOC Quartet

The HAVOC Quartet is a low end string quartet based in Berlin, Germany, comprised of violin, viola, cello and double bass. The group performs original compositions that straddle the boundaries between various genres, conceptual approaches and forms of musical notation.

Penelope Gkika – violin
Shasta Ellenbogen – viola
Amélie Legrand – cello
Adam Goodwin – double bass

Murmur Collective / Murmur Revival

Ongoing international collaborative project started by Adam Goodwin in 2017, involving a rotating cast of musicians from the United States and Europe who perform original experimental compositions together during various tours and performances. 

Elmer Kussiac

Elmer Kussiac has been opening ears and splitting minds around Berlin, Germany and northern Europe since 2015.  After countless live performances, tours and collaborations, the band is releasing its first full-length LP.

The varied musical background of the band, which includes classical music, punk, experimental rock and free improvisation, to name a few, comes together to take the listener on a wild ride through abstract sound worlds, explosive noise rock and hypnotic waves of melting overtones.

Elmer Kussiac’s self-title LP present an overview of the band’s sound and history, from spacious, floating guitar drones and subtle melodic gestures to guttural shrieking and rattling walls of bass.

Amélie Legrand – cello, voice, electronics

Adam Goodwin – double bass

Tatsumi Ryusui – guitar, electronics

Reverse Mode

Reverse Mode is a four piece band from Berlin.
Their music combines classical elements, free improvisation and electronics, while drawing inspiration from the Greek musical tradition.
The result of this cultural interplay is an sonic journey through original compositions that manifest big emotions and explore worlds that lie beyond our everyday experience of reality.

Maroulita de Kol – piano, voice

Penelope Gkika – violin, voice

Adam Goodwin – double bass

Giorgos Stavridis – drums, percussion

The Spirit and the Tempest

Penelope Gkika (violin, GR) and Adam Goodwin (double bass, TX) have been collaborating in various bands and musical projects since 2013, including Reverse Mode, Nawa Ensemble, Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra and the Murmur Collective, and have been performing together as a duo since 2016. They both currently reside in Berlin, Germany, and have played together throughout Europe and the United States.

As a duo, their music floats between strictly composed contemporary music, electro-acoustic free improvisation, noise and ambient spectralism, using the acoustic sounds of their instruments along with effect pedals, loops and extended techniques. Their collective compositions invoke otherworldly apparitions, embarking on durational sonic journeys into the void and back.

Penelope Gkika – violin

Adam Goodwin – double bass

Nawa Ensemble

Founded in 2014, Nawa is a cooperation of Berlin-based musicians from Palestine, Syria, Italy, Greece, Poland, US.

The repertoire of Nawa consists of pieces in traditional oriental musical forms such as: Sama’i, Bashraf, Longa, Darij, Tahmila, Dulab and many more.

Penelope Gkika – violin

Valentina Bellanova – ney, flutes

Nadim Sarrouh – oud

Adam Goodwin – double bass

Amir Czwink – percussion